2015_UNC_QualityExpo_adSeveral UNCsim projects were exhibited at the UNC Health Care Quality Expo.

Some of the projects included:

Achieving the Optimum Ratio in Massive Transfusion: The Implementation of the New MTP at UNC Healthcare. Cheryl Workman, Elizabeth Schroeder

Advanced Level Boot Camps: Simulation-Based Orientation Curriculums for Our Pediatric Intensive Care and Anesthesiology Fellows Kimberly Blasius, Afsaneh Pirzadeh, Hemanth Baboolal, Becky Smith, Matt Remer, Gene Hobbs, Benny Joyner

Empowering Our Team: Utilization of TeamSTEPPS to Create a Safe Practice Environment. Kimberly Blasius, Katherine St Romain, Chelsea Willie, Stacy Bishop, Gene Hobbs, Julie Kahn, Nicole Conrad, Benny Joyner

Improving Patient Safety: One Simulation at a Time. The Pediatric Specialty Care Team, Michele Kimmel, Kimberly Blasius, Matt Remer, Lindsay Torrice

Increasing Admission of Injured Pediatric Patients to Surgical Services to Improve Compliance with Standards for a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. Sabrina Thompson-Fisher, John Prieur, Ashley Sutton, Brandy Baldwin, Angela Ford, Angela Bukowski, Melissa Hines, Jeff Phillips, Ed Sammons

Pediatric Intraoperative Emergencies. Chelsea Willie, Julie Kahn, Stacy Bishop, Benny Joyner, Kimberly Blasius

Pediatric Simulation Committee – A Quest for Quality Improvement in the NC Children’s Hospital! Ashley Kellish, Afsaneh Pirzadeh, Kimberly Blasius, Sarah Hassing, Gene Hobbs, Benny Joyner

Practice drills for Our Labor and Delivery Unit Melissa Potisek, Kimberly Blasius, Kate Cobb, Chelsea Willie, Gene Hobbs, Sarah Hassing, Nicole Jung, Benny Joyner

Trauma Team For A Day: The Impact on an Inter-professional, Cross-departmental, Blended Educational Program on High School Volunteer Participants and the Impact of a Teenage Distracted Driver Scenario on Their Personal Behavior Goals in Injury Prevention. Kathryn Egan, Bradley Kinnison, Julienne Harris, Sheila Leviner, Carl Clark, Gene Hobbs, Alberto Bonifacio, Tiffany Chesley

Why Can’t I Hear the Pulse Oximeter? An Analysis of Peri-induction Noise Levels, Aaron Low, Paul Halweg, Lacey Straub, Chelsea Willie, Laurie Halweg, Jeffrey Berman, Kimberly Blasius

If your simulation related Quality Expo poster is not listed here, please let us know.

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