2017_Animal_Law_Symposium_EthicsPanel_Hobbs_1On April 1st, UNC School of Medicine and Department of Pediatrics Director of Simulation Mr Gene Hobbs presented an overview of simulation activities at the 6th Annual Animal Law Symposium. The Animal Law Symposium is hosted at the UNC School of Law by the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF). The event was attended by mix of law students, county animal welfare, some law enforcement, and several local animal advocacy groups.

Mr Hobbs’ presentation focused on the ways animals have been replaced in training and development for medical practitioners throughout the United States. To balance the discussion of the ethics panel, he also provided some perspective on ways simulation is not necessarily a perfect solution to some educational problems. This allowed the attendees to think of additional opportunities for education in the future which may include increased human cadaver use and virtual reality (VR).

The UNC SALDF is affiliated with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), an organization of both attorney and non-attorney members that has been fighting for the interests of animals since 1979.

Thank you UNC SALDF President Hannah Abernethy and SALDF members for hosting this exceptional opportunity to discuss animal welfare and use.


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