The Clinical Learning and Research (CLeAR) Center is an Acredited Education Institue by the American College of Surgeons. With the generous support of Dr. Pat Robertson and Karl Storz Endoscope, the CLeAR Center is equiped with “state of the art” videoscopic equipment and provides an atomsphere of realism and professionalism unlike most simulation facilities.


CLeAR is located on the 10th floor of Brinkhous-Bullit Building, has three individual labratories for procedural simulation, one 20-person conference room, and a 520 sq. ft. operating theatre. Each laboratory is modifiable to satisfy the procedural learning needs of students, post-graduates, and professonals in most specialities. The CLeAR Center offers groups the unique advantage of a learning platform that incorporates didactic seminars with a high-fidelity simulation designed specifically to meet the group’s individualized educational objectives. For example, medical students may learn to suture on simulated skin while post graduates learn UNC’s universal method for central line placement under an instructor’s supervision using a life-like practice model.


The manager of the CLeAR Center, Neal Murty, has 20 years of surgical technician experience. He is supported administratively by Melanie Zimmer and functions under the direction of Dr. Andy Kiser in the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery.


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