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This past week, three UNC Medical Students attended the American Medical Association (AMA) Student Led-Leadership Conference in Ann Arbour, Michigan to present their development and successful pilot of a fully integrated pre-clinical ultrasound curriculum.

Our students, Katie Butler, Lacey English, and Stephanie Sun are Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund Scholars. The Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund sponsored their attendance. The program was clinically supported by Dr Michael Gilchrist, Director of Ultrasound Education for Medical Students in the UNC School of Medicine, and volunteer clinical preceptors.

Nice work team!

Reference: Butler K, Beale A, English L, McEwan S, Sun S, Gilchrist M. Student-guided implementation of ultrasound guided education for pre-clinical medical students at a large medical school. AMA Student Led-Leadership Conference. Ann Arbour, Michigan. Aug 4-5, 2017

EDIT: The team thanked the Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund for supporting their attendance in a letter published here.

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