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Last year, the Department of Anesthesiology hosted a “Family Day Simulation Event” as an outreach program to over 70 non-anesthesia trained children, spouses, partners and parents of our Anesthesiology faculty, CRNAs and residents.

The data and outcomes of the event were published in the open source, Cureus, journal. The paper is available on now by clicking here. PubMed Central will include the article as well in the coming weeks.

Martinelli S M, Chen F, Hobbs G, Chidgey BA, Straube LE, Zvara D, Isaak R. (March 02, 2018) The Use of Simulation to Improve Family Understanding and Support of Anesthesia Providers. Cureus 10(3): e2262. doi:10.7759/cureus.2262

A previous post describing the event can be found here.

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