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On April 27th, members of the Anesthesia UNCsim team held a “Chest Decompression: Tubes, Needles, and Emergencies” workshop with faculty from Duke, Phoenix Mayo, the University of Pittsburgh, and Wake Forest University at the Thoracic Anesthesia Symposium in Phoenix.

Participants learned to place chest tubes, perform needle decompression, and learned how to trouble shoot thoracic surgical emergencies including air leak, bronchopleural fistula, and hemothorax. Highlights included interactive scenarios, hands-on multidisciplinary instruction, and the creative use of task trainers.

The workshop was coordinated by Emily Teeter MD, FASE, Lavinia Kolarczyk MD, Benjamin Haithcock MD, and Daniel Rosenkrans MD. Other physician faculty included: Staci Beamer (former UNC CT surgery resident, now surgeon at Phoenix Mayo); Mike Boisen (Pittsburgh); Chandrika Garner (Wake Forest); Nazish Hashmi (Duke); Arun Jayamaran (Phoenix Mayo); Rebecca Klinger (Duke); Andy Murray (Phoenix Mayo); Tim Rohman (former UNC Anesthesia resident and current CT Anesthesia Fellow at Pittsburgh)

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