fullsizerender2On Oct 12th, members of the University of North Carolina (UNC) Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement (IHQI) community gathered for a lunch and learn presentation outlining simulation opportunities for integrating simulation into Quality Improvement (QI) projects. The team had the opportunity to see three projects reviewed and ask questions for guidance or information on their own projects.

ihqi_conf_oct12_2016Dr. Benny Joyner began the presentations with a description of what simulation is and how it can be used for education and QI. He emphasized that simulation is a technique and not a technology that can be applied.

Mr. Alberto Bonifacio to describe the way simulation has been used for development of protocols within the UNC Trauma Program. Most notably in the last year has been the Trauma Protocol that has challenged many “norms” in the trauma community based on these experiments. He also gave examples of “no tech” solutions leading to great strides in QI.

Dr. Tom Ivester followed with a detailed account of the development and training of the new maternal hemorrhage protocol. In addition to design improvements from the simulations, a detailed description of how simulations must be continually assessed to make sure outcomes are being met and new opportunities for improvement addressed. He also discussed the collaborative nature of these simulations involving interprofessional teams from obstetrics, anesthesiology, pharmacy, and nursing.

Dr. Willis provided the final example by detailing how simulation within the UNC Children’s Hospital significantly improved responses to the Code Sepsis initiative. She outlined the ability to use simulation in application of LEAN principles and “Go to the Gemba”. Discussion followed on how the Code Sepsis roll out was integrated with the TeamSTEPPS training for become a far more efficient training program.

Mr. Hobbs ended the formal conversations by outlining resources available throughout UNC healthcare and the associated professional schools.

Thank you UNC IHQI for bring about a fruitful discussion of the tremendous #UNCsim resources here. Our teams are here to assist!



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