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The team in neurosurgery has published a review article on virtual reality in neuroscience and neurosurgery in the first edition of the Carolina Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine.

This journal is “a student-run, faculty-advised, online publication based out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The first issue came out in August, making it one of a handful of student-run medical journals across the country, and even more unique in that it aims to publish research from students in a wide variety of health science professional programs.” You can read more about this exciting new journal here.

To read the team’s paper, you can access it free here:

Alcalá NE, Piazza M, Hobbs G, Quinsey C. (2021) Assessment of Contemporary Virtual Reality Programsand 3D Atlases in Neuroanatomical and Neurosurgical Education. Carolina Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine. 1(1):26-35

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